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   Sep 03

Spring has sprung – also am i the worst blogger ever?

signs of spring

signs of spring

So it’s been a few months since I gave this blog any love – I do have my reasons, though I don’t want to get too personal here on the ginger cat. He wouldn’t approve.

So it’s now officially Spring and I am treating it like the start of a new year. With resolutions ,plans and the energy that goes with the weather warming up, this may just be the fresh start I need. But never fear there will still be knitting and many, many cat pictures. Speaking of the Cat , he has just declared lap cuddle time so blog writing will be on hold till the pushy little bugger decides to move on….

oh nos, you has a laptop on your lap instead of me. I must fix this immediately.

oh nos, you has a laptop on your lap instead of me. I must fix this immediately.



Okay back to the action. One of my goals for the year is to learn new techniques or make something new at least once a week. This week I used up all my little bitty ends of wool to make a magic ball, and I learned how to make a russian join this site is a really good tutorial : 

So what does this all mean.Basically you join all the little ends from projects that are to small to make anything out of and get one muti-coloured rainbow ball of yarn (of course if you have lots of scraps you can match different shades of the same colour). Here’s what I ended up with.

magic ball 5


And I’m knitting it into a hot water bottle cover a nice palette cleansing project to start the new year of knitting. The other new thing I learned for this project was Judy’s Magic Cast on – something I’ve been wanting to get the hang of for ages mainly so I can make toe up socks (another future project)

magic ball 7 magic ball 6

So that is the main thing I am working on but I of course have many, many projects in the wings -I have only two others cast on. First is my brown cardigan which is currently in time out. Second are some Christmas stockings for us. There is only a few months till Christmas after all . I think I have all my Christmas knitting planned  – but there is usually an extra thing or two that sneaks in at the last minute.



Some of my hibernation projects which are done….yeah happy dance.

snuggies and mice 2

Catnip mice (check out the little shop for the free Pattern) and snuggies all finished and sent off to the spca.

fathers day hat

A  hat for fathers day . The pattern is Christian’s Hat  free  on ravelry

feathers and fan 1

feathers and fan 2

Skipping Stones simple shawlette . Another Ravelry freebee. Once you get the hang of it a really nice knit I enjoyed it so much I made two.



sweater bag 1

And I’ve been sewing – project bags for all my WIPs. I’m all organized now- all I need more is more knitting time.

There are even a couple of new patterns coming soon.


House Love:

A new section I’m thinking of adding. Now we have our own little flat we are ready to start improving it  – my parents are coming this weekend so the plan is to put up the clothesline, put the dryer onto the wall in the laundry (rather than the middle of the living room where it currently resides), putting up a decent size bathroom mirror and planting out the back garden. Photo’s will follow next week – as long as the weather holds.

instead of photo’s I’ll share a couple of my favorite design sites.

Check them out.


The Cat :

(or the real reason for the blog)

no it's still to cold to be spring

no it’s still to cold to be spring


okay so it's nice in the sun.

okay so it’s nice in the sun.

I still might need a hat though.

I still might need a hat though.


That’s all for this post – If there is anyone left to read it that is. Hope it is nice where ever you are. It has just starting raining and the forecast is for a cold southerly coming through – I hope it’s clear by the weekend so the clothesline can go up.

please send in any comments about what sort of things you would like to see in the blog, and cat approving we’ll see what we can do.



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